How to choose a hairstyle.

Hairstyles should be chosen by face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

Regular scalp massage helps stimulate circulation and increase hair growth.

Dry your hair with bobby pins at the scalp to give your hair body and lift.

When going to your hairdresser always take a picture of what you want, Pinterest is a great place to find hairstyles.

If you run out of eyeliner take a small brush wet it and use a dark brown or black eyeshadow. Works great!

Always set your makeup with either a setting spray or a fine powder, this way it will last all day.

Quality products will last longer, they are worth the extra money.

Always moisturize before makeup application so your skin is plumped up and supple.

Styles and trends change and so should you, If you have been in the same hair and makeup routine for a few years time for change.

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